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Halo 5 Guardians: 15 Gold REQ Packs + 5 Free giveaway*

Halo 5 Guardians: 15 Gold REQ Packs + 5 Free giveaway


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Win anything you want just by participating in a giveaway on Giveee.com. From Games to Gift cards, we got all you need. Enter a giveaway, complete additional tasks and enjoy! No hidden payments, it is completely free!Halo 5 is shooter from Microsoft Studios. Buy it for 44.99 or get it for free.Participating in a Giveee.com giveaway is free and as simple as possible. You only need to enter it to participate in it. Improve your chances by completing bonus tasks like finishing surveys, following our partners on social medias, etc. It is completely payment free.

Author: Nicklasos

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Only one Grand Prize draws during this giveaway.

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Injustice 2: 325,000 Source Crystals
325,000 Source Crystals
Injustice 2 1

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Crossout: 5,000 (+2500 BONUS) COINS
5,000 (+2500 BONUS) COINS
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Space Engineers:  Pharaoh Grinder
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BATTALION 1944: Kar98k S | Autumn Camo
Kar98k S | Autumn Camo

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TCGH Wildlands Extra Large Pack 11,530 GR Credits
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Assasins Creed Origins: Helix Credits Extra Large Pack
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Battlerite: Ultimate Fan Pack
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Fortnite: Love Ranger
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GTA 5 Whale Shark: $3,500,000
Whale Shark: $3,500,000
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Euro Truck Simulator 2: France - Gold Pennant
France - Gold Pennant
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